Ultra Suedeicidal


Found on Etsy, description includes the adjectives “lucious” and “beautiful” and “fancy” but left out what we think are the more accurate “puke-like” and “fuzzy ad-nauseam” and “avoid at all costs.”

It also said “I promise you’ll turn heads with this one.” We believe this is a truthful statement, with an omission… of course the heads will be turning in disgust.


2 responses to “Ultra Suedeicidal

  1. Not to mention the stomachs…

  2. something the cat hacked up...

    ok, I know this is like, a year too late, but oh well!
    I’m surprised they didn’t use the cliched “Pretty as a Peacock” (I’m assuming that’s supposed to be some wtf “artistic” rendering of a headless peacock, told through the magical medium of fun fur. Or, you know, a rendering of nothing at all except for “now what can I do with these scraps o’ crap? Oh wait! I know…”
    It actually wouldn’t be so bad sans the ball of garish novelty yarn below and the muppet’s merkin up top . /*snark* 🙂

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