Just plain “Pass.”


This thing you’re looking at is a Kippot, Yarmulka, or what some call the Jewish Skull Cap. This one has frogs on it. Fun, right?

Only thing is that these frogs commemorate one of the ten plagues that “God” allegedly reigned down on the Egyptians for not letting people go or something and now they call it Passover.

By now, you are well aware that The Deciders don’t dig on “God” but we do love that the people who DO can find his menacing, dangerous and unpredictable behavior somehow adorable and then make stuff you can wear on your head to commemorate it. 

We suppose the frog plague is safe for beanies because that shit happened to the Egyptians and not the Jews, but we’d like to remind the ones who worship that the “Lord” turns on a dime… ask Moses… or Noah… or Adam & Eve… or…

Anyway, the best part of this Etsy listing is the title, which reads

Frogs jumpin frogs Passover plagues kippah really cute and fun for Pesach Seder

We can only hope that the next plague to be beanie-fied will be the “Death to all first-born Egyptian children” one, because we guess the title would read

Babies dying babies Passover plagues kippah really cute and fun for Pesach Seder

and that would be sublime.


2 responses to “Just plain “Pass.”

  1. Where’s the locusts?

  2. omgosh, I just wet my pants! ha!

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