Your Mom

Is it us or does this doll imply that, even in the afterlife, you expect your mom to wear an apron and keep cranking out the baked goods? What an amazing gift to give the lady who, in theory, raised and nurtured you.


The best part of this, the perfect gift for the lady who shoved you painfully out of her Va-J, is the one-two punch of the apron text, “Mothers are angels in disguise,” combined with the fact that this doll is ACTIVELY FROWNING.

For The Deciders, it’s not that far a stretch to imagine an eternally dissatisfied mama in the sky… ours would be sans-cookies, though, because clearly we don’t deserve them.


4 responses to “Your Mom

  1. She’s an angel who looks ready to beat her child with a rolling pin.

  2. GG stole my answer! I was gonna say she’s not getting ready to bake – she’s fixing to give a beat down! lol.

  3. I wonder if the frown was meant to be a nose and if so, where the hell’s her mouth? I thought I saw a hint of one, but it was the shadow of her bow.

    If this mean ol’ bitch mama’s an angel, then I guess the devils are the cool, fun mamas. Makes sense to me.

  4. Very funny post, but I don’t think she’s actually frowning. The frowning shape looks like a nose; beneath that, you can see parts of the smile (although it’s obscured by the rose and the angle, somewhat.)

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