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We are not bad people, nor are we deliberately cruel. It’s just that we have feelings and opinions, admittedly strong, and we can no longer stand in silence.

This is not a place for teasing the unskilled. This is not a place for bashing the quasi-infirm. Your first scarf or your kid’s clay ashtray from school will not be found here… not that we like them, because we probably don’t.

This is a place where crafting meets bad design, bad marketing, bad ideas and bad execution. We know what you’re thinking:

“Hey, I like that homemade pink wicker basket with the sparkle braids.”


“People who don’t like my matching American flag coasters and place mats just hate us for our freedom.”


“Words I disagree with hurt my feelings. Isn’t there a law against that yet?”

Our answer is a simple one, and written with love:

We know what sucks; we are The Deciders.

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