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Hello Kitty, Kill, Kill

“What me? Oh, I make these great necklace charms combining my love of brand names with my love of trademarked icons… Art is so easy!! I just take other people’s garbage and my old scrapbook punches and go to town while I watch tv! This way I don’t waste a single pop can OR even one ounce of creativity! It’s so fun and… hey! Where are you going?”



Bored with your old holes?

This year, say it with a chest va-j.

vaj necklace

Tie Die

“Honey!? Do you remember that time a few years ago when we distracted your sister’s kids with some RIT and the sheets we found that hobo wrapped in? Did they do that  in a bucket in the garage, ’cause I think I just found it?”

tie why!?

Sneeze Guard?

If we wore this, we would never escape the feeling that we were being felt up by a persistent perverted ghost.

Regardless, please heed our warning: jewelry should not give you breast exams.